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Child custody assistance in Easton, PA

Determining child custody is an emotional process that can leave both parties unsatisfied. Make sure you understand the child custody proceedings fully by hiring Ron Creazzo Attorney at Law to represent you.

Pennsylvania child custody laws always consider the best interests of your child over everything else. Courts prefer that both parties create a co-parenting plan outside of the judicial system. However, if you and your former spouse can’t agree on a plan, custody will be decided by a judge based on a number of factors, including which parent is more likely to:

  • Encourage continual contact with the other parent
  • Meet the physical, emotional and developmental needs of the child
  • Maintain a nurturing and stable relationship with the child

Child custody cases are never easy. Speaking with Ron Creazzo Attorney at Law can help you gain clarity on the confusing process. Schedule an appointment right away.

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Don't enter the courtroom without Ron Creazzo Attorney at Law by your side. Attorney Creazzo has practiced law since 1991 and has earned a reputable reputation for effective legal representation.

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